Drug and Alcohol Treatment – A Fulfilling Life Without Addiction

Sunray Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Recovery is based on an eclectic mix of psychotherapeutic approaches which address chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. This includes:

  • Gender-Specific Group and motivational enhancement therapy which helps clients identify internal sources of motivation.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and skills building enables clients to identify and avoid antecedents causing alcohol and drug use, and develop strategies to better cope with cravings.
  • Psycho-Educational Lecture series on the disease concept of addiction and relapse prevention (based on the Gorski-cenaps model), along with education on mental health issues, giving clients a comprehensive understanding of the illness they are facing.
  • Twelve-Step facilitation based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous helps clients find recovery-based support networks in their own communities.
  • Healing With Horses (therapy utilizing horses) through our partnership with the Triple T Ranch, offers a unique opportunity for our clients in addressing matters of authenticity, manipulative behavior, boundaries, trust, reliability, control, and anger management. We have found that many of these issues are relevant for clients suffering from chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders.
  • A Holistic Approach which combines a mind-body-spirit perspective. Through our partnership with YMCA’s Camp Seymour, individuals learn team-building and personal achievement skills by participating in ropes courses, rock wall climbing, and other northwest outdoor challenges.
  • Certified Practitioners in Yoga, and guided meditations help individuals learn how to quiet their mind and develop an inner focus.
  • We also offer massage, and acupuncture as additional services from independent providers.

The Sunray Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Recovery model establishes a daily routine that becomes a blueprint for future success in sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis

Individuals who experience a dual diagnosis often face a wide range of psychosocial issues and may experience multiple interacting illnesses.

Chemical Dependency

At Sunray Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Recovery we strongly believe that a comprehensive approach utilizing body-mind-spirit therapies, combined with sound conventional care, is the most complete and effective healing approach for renewal and rehabilitation.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction occurs when someone consumes large amounts of alcohol, disregarding any negative effects it may have on their ability to control themselves in the moment, their long-term physical health, or relationships and priorities they have made.

Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs occurs when someone has a compulsive need for drugs and consistently seeks them out despite negative results. Stimulants, inhalants, cannabinoids, depressants, opioids and morphine derivatives, anabolic steroids, hallucinogens and prescription…