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Alcohol addiction is a disease that is common in the US population due to the relative ease and legality for those over the age of 21.  Often dismissed as simply over-indulgence, addiction to alcohol can have devestating effects on not only the user but friends and family around them.  Vivitrol (Naltrexone) is an effective treatment used to taper off the abuse of alcohol.  It works by blocking the receptors in the brain that alcohol and opioids bind to and prevents the sedative and euphoric effects from occuring.  Vivitrol is also an effective treatment for morphine, codeine, and heroin.


Heroin & Opiates are naturally occuring substances purified into strong drugs that give an intense feeling of euphoria and numbness.  Highly addictive, users quickly develop a high tolerance requiring more and more of the drug to reach the same level of feeling. Suboxone and Sublocade (Buprenorpione extended release) is an effective treatment for those trying to quit opiates or heroin.  When it comes to quitting opiates and heroin, the withdrawals are often the most difficult and frightening thing that patients deal with.  Suboxone is one way to effectively fight addiction while minimizing withdrawal symptoms including urges that may lead to relapse. 

Heroin & Opiates

Pain Killers are often prescribed by doctors to treat pain stemming from injuries and those recovering from surgeries and include Hydrocodone, Oxycodone (OxyContin), Fentanyl, and Xanax.  Like opiates, addiction occurs when more and more are needed to reach the same high and overdoses are common especially when mixed with other drugs like alcohol.


Pain Killers

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