Drug Addiction

Drug addiction occurs when someone has a compulsive need for drugs and consistently seeks them out despite negative results. Without a doubt drug addiction will have a negative effect on you or your loved one’s relationships, social life, work and health. These negative consequences include severe emotional pain which often cause the individual to delve deeper into his or her addiction, thus furthering the dangerous and devastating cycle of drug addiction.

The major drugs currently in use include stimulants (Methamphetamine), inhalants, cannabinoids, depressants, opioids and morphine derivatives, anabolic steroids, hallucinogens and prescription drugs.

At Sunray drug addiction treatment center we understand that your addiction isn’t something you can just drop at any time. Drug addiction treatment is something to be taken seriously. Studies show that addiction treatment combined with the 12-step approach to recovery is an effective combination in overcoming addiction, and is a widely recognized model for success in recovery.

Components of the drug addiction treatment at Sunray include individual and group counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Skills Training, psycho-educational lectures and videos, community 12-step meetings and a rich variety of Holistic treatment electives such as meditation, yoga and acupuncture. Our drug addiction treatment center is based on the belief that there are four common elements that enhance the health of mind.

Your individualized treatment plan will be designed and implemented under the guidance of our highly qualified Administrator, the skilled and experienced clinical supervisor, an assigned licensed chemical dependency professional, and treatment technicians who assist in team-building activities. Special attention is given to provide the best treatment method for each client, with consideration for any dietary, health or lifestyle concerns.

Whether your addiction started out as a way to impress your friends or feel more comfortable at a party, or if drugs are used as a way of coping with your past trauma and stressful experiences, Sunray Treatment and Recovery can help you find a solution not only to your physical problems, but your entire body and spirit. Call Sunray drug addiction treatment center today at 866-892-9985.