Healing With Horses

Healing with horses provides an effective, fun, interesting and powerful therapeutic experience. Those who are familiar with horses recognize and understand the power of horses to influence people in incredibly powerful ways. Through developing relationships, training, horsemanship instruction, and care, horses naturally affect people in a positive manner.

Working with and around horses naturally provides a work ethic, responsibility, assertiveness, communication, and healthy relationships. The use of horses for therapy is growing and gaining popularity because they are so unique. Horses are large and powerful animals, which creates a natural opportunity to overcome fear and develop confidence by working with them. Accomplishing a task involving the horse, in spite of their intimidating size and demeanor, creates confidence and provides for insights when dealing with other situations in life.

Horses are very much like humans and how we interact. They have defined roles within their herds. They would rather be with their peers. They have distinct personalities, attitudes, and moods. An approach that seems to work with one horse, does not necessarily work with another. At times, they seem stubborn and defiant. They like to have fun.

Horses are honest, which makes them especially powerful messengers. They can’t separate how they feel and how they act. Most importantly, horses have the ability to mirror exactly what human body language is telling them.. If a person comes frustrated and angry, that is how the horse will be.. If the person comes quietly and relaxed, the horse will feed off of that. People working with horses learn quickly that if they change themselves, the horses respond differently.